Scholarship and financial aid

Veterans, service members and their families can supplement GI Bill benefits with scholarships and other sources of financial aid.

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Get immediate temporary monetary assistance via gift cards of $25-$50 dollars.

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Scholarships for veterans

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Office of Admissions offers merit-based scholarships to first-time freshmen as well as a limited number of transfer students who apply to VCU in the fall semester. Grants, work study programs and loans are also available through the Student Financial Services office.

Military students may be eligible for scholarships and relief-based aid programs based on factors such as veteran status, achievement and financial need:

Veterans Affairs work-study program

Veterans who receive military education benefits and attend school at least three-quarters of the time may qualify for VA work-study. Under this program, veterans can work with VCU veteran-related offices, VA medical facilities or at approved state employment offices. They will be paid at either the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is greater. For more details, visit the GI Bill® website or call (888) 442-4551.