Policies and procedures

Requirements for using VA benefits 

Students who wish to utilize VA Education Benefits must submit an online "request for Certification" (RFC) form each semester they choose to use their VA benefits.  New students or students using VA Benefits for the first time, must also submit verification of eligibility for VA Education Benefits such as a VA issued Certification of Eligibility (COE) or benefit summary print out from their vets.gov/education account.  The COE or benefit summary must be submitted to the VCU Military Student Services Office.  Student using Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31) benefits, must submit a 1905 for each semester using the benefit. 

Early registration military students

In order to recognize the unique needs of members of the U.S. Armed Forces, this policy was created to provide early course registration accommodations for continuing students who are veterans, active duty military, reservists, National Guard and U.S. Coast Guard. Read the Military-Affiliated Students policy.

Awarding credit for military education and service

Students who have been admitted to the university in a degree-seeking program can be eligible to receive credit toward their degree based upon completion of equivalent coursework, educational experiences, or time of active service. Read the Military-Affiliated Students policy.

Please contact our Transfer Center for guidance. Whitney Carswell, M.Ed. at carswellwa@vcu.edu.

702 Choice Act Waiver

Students admitted as non-resident or out-of-state who are also using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® can submit to be considered for the 702 Choice Act Waiver which allows these individuals to be charged a rate of tuition not to exceed the in-state rate for tuition and fees purposes. Read the Military Services tuition relief guidelines.

Short-term military training

Faculty members are expected to make reasonable academic accommodations for students who are absent because of mandated short-term military training. Students who have been called for training during the semester should contact the Office of Military Student Services at (840) 828-6563 for important guidance.


Military Services tuition relief allows special accommodations for students whose service in the military may require their sudden withdrawal from VCU when activated. Download the Tuition relief form. Students wishing to live in on-campus housing upon their return to VCU should contact the housing assignments team at (804) 828-7666 or via email at vcuhousing@vcu.edu. On-campus housing is limited, but Residential Life and Housing will do their best to find you accommodations.

Qualification for in-state tuition rates

Title 38 United States Code Section 3679(c) clarifies whether prospective students will be charged the in-state rate for tuition purposes.

Delayed payments for Chapter 31, 33 or Frye Scholarship students

Chapter 31, 33 or Frye recipients whose tuition and fees payments are delayed will not be denied access to classes, libraries or other institutional facilities or be required to borrow additional funds to cover tuition and fees if these are being covered by the VA. 

In the event that a Chapter 31, 33 or Frye recipient student is assessed a late fee due to a delayed payment coming from the Department of Veterans Affairs, VCU will waive the late fee if the student submitted the required benefit request forms to the Military Student Services Office in a timely manner; the student paid all non-covered charges by specified payment deadlines; and the delayed Post 9/11 or Frye payment covers the student’s outstanding balance.  The late fee will be waived once the Post 9/11 payment is received by VCU.

Grievance procedure

The Virginia State Approving Agency (SAA), is the approving authority of education and training programs for Virginia. Their office investigates complaints of GI Bill® beneficiaries. While most complaints should initially follow the school grievance policy, if the situation cannot be resolved at the school, the beneficiary should contact the SAA office via email at saa@dvs.virginia.gov