Green Zone

Military Student Services offers Green Zone training to members of the Virginia Commonwealth University community who want to learn more about the military student experience. The program trains faculty and staff to support veterans and their families as they transition to academic life.

The program was pioneered at VCU in 2010 by Ann Nichols-Casebolt, Ph.D., and is now offered at more than 100 universities and organizations nationwide.

Green Zone participants agree to:

  • Attend a 1.5-hour workshop that provides information and resources related to student veteran issues
  • Display the Green Zone sticker outside their office to let others know they can provide support and information about resources for student veterans
  • Serve as a resource to other faculty, staff or students who have questions about student veteran issues

View our events calendar for upcoming dates, and visit VCU Training to register. For more information or to set up training, contact Stephen Ross, director of Military Student Services, at or (804) 827-8730.

2019-2020 Green Zone Approved Staff/Faculty

The following VCU faculty and staff have chosen to support VCU veteran students by participating in the Green Zone Training presented by Military Student Services (MSS). This training is a joint venture between the staff of MSS, student veterans, and VCU special presenters and expertise in veteran experiences. The goal of VCU's Green Zone is to educate VCU faculty, staff, and students in veteran strengths, challenges, and lifestyles as they pursue their goals within VCU's educational programs. Dr. Ann Casebolt created the program in 2010 and since then it's development has been shared with over 100 other universities across the nation. VCU MSS would like to thank all participants and volunteer presenters for making all of VCU a more veteran-friendly and knowledgeable campus! 

Military Student Services Green Zone Training Providers 

  • Stephen Ross - Director of Military Student Services
  • Tres Morley - Assistant Director of Military Student Services
  • Jerry Hunt - Retired School Certifying Official of Military Student Services
  • James Grubb - Active School Certifying Official of Military Student Services
  • Aaron Autler - VCU Student Veterans Association President
  • Shannon Gavit - VCU Student Veterans Association Vice President
  • Daniel Webster - VCU Student Veterans Association Treasurer
  • Eric Dueweke - Senior Resource Specialist for Central Region Department of Veteran Services
  • Randy Gross - Regional Education Coordinator DVBIC
  • Steve Edson - Wounded Warrior Project Outreach Specialist
  • Phil Walker - VCU Student
  • Daniela Rico - VCU Graduate
  • Phil Gandi - VCU Graduate
  • Chip Lauderbacht - VCU Student
  • Derek Hottell - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Chris Atkinson - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Al Jeffers - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Dale Wilson - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Greg McDonnell - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Lindsey Waser - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Meredith Hawkins - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Sam Albert - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Will Adams - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Christina Spohn - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Jessica Pellerin - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Noah Rogers - VCU Rec Sports Staff
  • Jessica Norman - VCU Rec Sports Staff
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