About us

Military Student Services at Virginia Commonwealth University works with veterans, active service members, spouses and dependents to ease the transition from military life to academics.

Military servicemembers — and their families — are a valued and vital component of the VCU population. We recognize and honor their sacrifices and their life experiences that broaden and diversify our community.

What we do

We address the unique needs of military students from application to graduation and beyond. Our services include:

  • Advocating for military students, both in the classroom and with the administration
  • Counseling military students during the application process and directing them to available educational benefits
  • Connecting military students to university and local resources
  • Working with faculty and staff to recognize, understand and support the unique needs of the military population
  • Engaging the alumni association to keep military students a part of the VCU community after graduation

Why VCU?

Military students can feel confident about the transition to college life and the support they will have at VCU:

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