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About Military Student Services

Military Student Services at Virginia Commonwealth University helps veterans, active service members, dependents and spouses receiving military benefits make a successful transition into the academic community of VCU.

Green Zone Training

Military Student Services is pleased to offer Green Zone training to members of the VCU community who wish to learn about the military student experience. Green Zone training promotes a greater understanding of the challenges military students may face as they transition from military life to student life. Click Here for more information.

New UNIV 101 course to be offered this fall

New students who are interested in learning more about transitioning from military life to life at the university should consider taking the VCU UNIV 101 course “Veteran’s Transition into UNIV.” The one-credit course will be offered on Wednesdays from 3-3:50 p.m. Ask your academic advisor to help you register for the course.


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Getting Started

A overview of all the steps and forms you’ll need to apply

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Returning Students

File required forms at the beginning of each semester

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